Boost Your Workforce for CLM Projects

Hills Law Group can provide quality solutions for CLM needs

Identify Synergies and Mitigate Risk Proactively

It costs considerably more to resolve a problem in contract dispute than it does to identify and mitigate the risk proactively. Take it from us, we have litigated contracts.  However, the QA phase often receives less management attention than it deserves. We help reduce the risk of software failure in contract review through effective functional testing and non functional testing targeted at risk analysis requirements. Improve the quality of your risk management and avoid costly failures.

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Buy and Sell Side Contract Optimization

Risk mitigation begins with optimized, but separate contracts for both buy and sell side contracts. Their focus is different and the contracts should be unique to their purpose. We can help implement a single CLM to efficiently manage both buy and sell side contracts to reduce spend and strain. 

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HLG has experience in both contract creation and in litigation of those very same contracts. This is a unique skill set for hire in a CLM project setting because we do more than just review contracts, we litigate them. This allows us to find real life contract liabilities and analyze their outcomes with real world experience rather than conjecture.

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Access our Scalable Workforce

We can match the needs of your project with our access to experienced, practicing business and contract attorneys. We have access to attorneys across the US to analyze terms for your project.


Smart Design for Flexible CLM

Accuracy and transparency in contracts allows for smooth negotiation in the sales process and mitigates litigation risk on the back end. We can help consolidate approved clauses for SmartContract libraries to speed up delivery of sale and mitigate future risk.

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